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Selected Electronic Portfolio Resources

American Association for Higher Education Electronic Portfolios Webcenter. This evolving site includes a clearinghouse for electronic portfolio initiatives, a taxonomy for developers, and many other resources.

Barrett, Helen. Using Technology to Support Alternative Assessment and Electronic Portfolios. School of Education, University of Alaska Anchorage. This site includes links to Barrett’s presentations and papers on portfolios for teachers and students as well as an extensive annotated bibliography on educational portfolios at every level.

Day, Michael, and others. Webfolio Central (assessment and faculty development) and Student-Writing Portfolios (student research report) were coordinated by M. Day of Northern Illinois University.

ePortfolio Consortium at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) includes individual and institutional e-portfolio information and resources.

Cambridge, Barbara, ed. Emerging Practices: Electronic Portfolio Learning for Students, Faculty, and Institutions. Washington, DC: AAHE, 2001. This collection may be the first to ocus entirely on digital portfolios. I was honored to be invited to submit a chapter about my Webfolio Project.

Fitch, Kathy. Webfolio Resources. This site for a faculty workshop includes planning ideas as well as resources for assessing and designing electronic portfolios.

Kalamazoo [Michigan] College Portfolio. When I first read about this early institutional portfolio project, I modified the concept for the College Page Template top level of my students’ portfolio project, never mind that my college doesn't actually have institutional portfolios yet.

Reiss, Donna. "Reflective Webfolios in a Humanities Class." Emerging Practices: Electronic Portfolio Learning for Students, Faculty, and Institutions. 31-36. Barbara Cambridge, ed. Washington, DC: AAHE, 2001. My chapter describes my TCC Webfolio Project with particular attention to reflective writing and student publication in a humanities elective, Technology and the Liberal Arts.

Syverson, M. A. Beyond Portfolios: The Online Learning Record. Computer Writing and Research Lab, University of Texas at Austin. Students participate actively in evaluating their writing and learning with a process based on five "dimensions of learning."

Women@the Cutting Edge. Originally designed to support women in education and other professions in development of multimedia career portfolios, this Australian project offers workshops for planning and production.

Yancey, Kathleen Blake, and Irwin Weiser, eds. Situating Portfolios: Four Perspectives. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 1997. Part Four offers five chapters about electronic portfolios for reflection and assessment.

Zubizarreta, John. The Learning Portfolio:Reflective Practice for Improving Student Learning. Bolton: Anker, 2003 (in press). His extensive bibliography of electronic learning portfolio Websites has been placed online by the Michigan State University Teaching Assistant Program.

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